5 Tips to Make Your Space Look and Feel Bigger

21 October 2021


While you can always find a bigger unit to rent out or buy, the size is directly correlated to its price. Thus, those with a bigger budget could get a much more spacious unit at a higher value, while those on a budget can avail of a smaller space, usually a studio unit at 20 to 22 square meters. If you’re one of the latter, you’re probably on the hunt for space-saving hacks to maximize the space you have.



Don’t worry! We got you covered with these five (5) tips to help you achieve a bigger-looking and more functional space:







Use your wall and cut the floor clutter

Using your wall as a storage and decoration space makes a room a lot bigger. The secret formula is creating an illusion of height instead of focusing on the width of the room. 


To do this, you can install curtains several inches higher than the top of the windows. You can also opt for a vertical arrangement to add a photo wall or storage racks. Another tip is to avoid putting too much clutter on the floor. Instead of buying a floor lamp, install a hanging light or opt for ones that don’t occupy a floor area.






Opt for leggy furniture

As mentioned above, you can achieve the illusion of a bigger and broader space if you avoid using too much of the floor space, and one trick is to choose leggy (with long legs) furniture. Compared to furniture that sits on the floor, those with exposed areas underneath them do the trick of making a room look more extensive as it does not block the eye.


Clear glass tabletops and chairs with open arms like wishbone style dining chairs are some of the go-to items for smaller spaces.




Let the light in

Natural light opens up a room and makes it look larger than its actual size. If you have huge windows in your unit, use airy and sheer curtains instead of blackout ones to avoid blocking the sunlight. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a natural light source, you can always opt for lightning fixtures to elevate your space and make it look brighter and spacious.








Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

You’ve probably heard about this tip a couple of times already, but putting mirrors on a small space does the trick of making it a bit wider and spacious. For example, if you don’t have a window in your room, install a mirror with the cut and frame that could mimic a window. This alone can open up the space and create an illusion of a bigger room.


Another mirror trick: Try to use long, vertical mirrors instead of bulky ones. By doing so, you’re drawing the eyes upward, which instantly makes everything look broader and more spacious.






Use contrasts and light colors

In the design world, it’s a known trick to use lighter shades of paint to make a space look more prominent as these colors are more reflective, thus creating a space that feels open and airy and maximizes the natural light’s effect. On the flip side, darker colors tend to absorb light instead of reflecting them, making sense for a room to feel stuffy and small. 


Another thing you can do is to create an accent wall with a contrasting color. Just make sure the colors blend and do not overpower the other.


So what are the colors that make a room look more spacious? According to an article, off-whites, pale blues, dark greys, sea green, taupe, and other beige colors can do the trick.





Choosing the size and layout that fits your lifestyle needs

Skip the hassle and opt for a unit size and design that matches your lifestyle without spending as much! Empire East has a selection of condos in Metro Manila ranging from an executive studio to 1-to-2-Bedroom Suites, up to Penthouse units with balconies.


The catch? Empire East offers units that are high-quality but do not break the bank! Take its newest and largest project in the making, for example.



Empire East Highland City is a 22-hectare township development rising in the boundaries of Pasig and Cainta, Rizal. This condo near BGC and Ortigas is dubbed the “country’s first elevated city” because of its unique design. 


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