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10 November 2022
Food Park Near Me: Ultimate Food Trip Guide For Barkadas in Metro Manila

Food Park Season is Here

Filipinos are known for two things: their love for family quality time and their emotional connection to food. Put those two things together, and it's how generations of Filipino families have come to develop their own recipes for adobo. 

A Filipino's relationship with food extends far beyond its nutritional value. For us Pinoys, sharing a meal brings people together, whether they are neighbors, friends, or family. Observing this custom is a big deal for them, individually and collectively.

This is probably a good reason why food parks come with the emergence of the holiday season. Food parks amplify quality time with loved ones over food. It taps into something far more emotional than what we let on. Surely, there is fantastic food present and even live music, but our fascination for food parks actually lies deep within our culture. 

Food Park Near Me: Places To Check in Metro Manila

Filipino food at a food park in quezon city

Photo by Alessandra Sio on Unsplash 

Taytay Rizal Tiangge

Taytay is known for its big markets, from ready-to-wear clothes to bulk buying of fabrics. However, this municipality next to Cainta, Rizal, is also home to the infamous Taytay Rizal Tiangge. Feast your eyes on different items on sale and food to fill your tummies. 

E.U.T. Food Park

E.U.T Food Park is another infamous food park in the East. Situated in Angono, Rizal, they cater to all kinds of customers with a taste for good food and a great time. E.U.T Food Park also hosts events such as Open Mic nights and Halloween parties for the citizens of Angono, Rizal.  

Greenhills Night Market 

Greenhills is the home of the OG night market. With a huge clientele of bazaar patrons and Greenhills residents, San Juan’s very own night market is a staple during the holiday season. It caters to different taste buds and appetites – whether that’s food, clothes, or other forms of entertainment.  

The Newest Food Park in Pasig and Cainta

Empire East Highland City condo in pasig for sale

Real estate developer Empire East is opening up a food park in one of its project locations, Felix Ave., Pasig-Cainta, in preparation for the buzz of the holiday season. The Highland City food park will be hosted on the grounds of its namesake, Empire East Highland City. 

This food park aims to bring attention to the luxurious yet affordable uphill community in the East (Empire East Highland City) while also assigning its location as an ideal place to spend time with your loved ones during the holiday season. 

The Highland City food park also wants to empower and nurture local businesses, especially those in Pasig-Cainta, as part of its effort to create a sustainable community.

Experience a Luxurious Life at Empire East Highland City

Our luxurious uphill community awaits you and your family if you crave the space in Felix Avenue at Pasig-Cainta. It’s a 22-hectare development situated at the heart of the East, where you are never too far away from Metro Manila nor the nether regions of Rizal.

Experience the best of both worlds when you invest in this community! 

To learn more about investing and other news about the real estate scene in the East, you can read more about it on our Empire East website.

Join Us on Fridays and Weekends

For Food Park Goers

Bring your barkada and familia because everyone is welcome to join Empire East’s Highland City Food Park, happening on November 11, 2022 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Please be reminded that all customers should wear their masks and observe COVID-19 precautions to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. 

For Food Concessionaires

And if you’re a food business owner from Pasig, Cainta, or nearby municipalities, you can send an email to pasigcainta.foodpark@gmail.com to learn more about joining the latest food park in the East in the coming months! 

So if you are looking for a tambayan food park, we hope to see you there!

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