OFW Investments: Secure Your Future With Pre-Selling Condos

07 September 2022

The Philippines is fast becoming a global hub for investment in real estate. With the increasing number of pre-selling condos and townhouses, OFWs can now own their property without worrying about renting out or paying mortgage payments. 

Pre-selling condos are also beneficial for OFWs who want to invest in properties but don't have much capital yet. When buying these units, they can sell them at a later time when they need money or want to move somewhere else. 

Before we dwell on the advantages of investing in condominium units, let’s look at the numbers behind OFWs. 

The Average Overseas Filipino Worker

The average age of a Filipino working abroad is considered to be 38 years old. This means they will have, on average, 20 more years after retirement to spend in their own country. 

Without investing in property in their homeland, they can only rely on the pension fund they have accumulated over time and the return on investments they have earned through it.

OFW Investments: Pre-Selling Condominiums

A pre-selling condominium is a winning situation for the investor.

Advantages of Pre-Selling OFW Investments

You Get Your Own Property

If you’re an OFW who has been saving money for years, you can now invest in a pre-selling condo unit that will allow you to fulfill your dream of buying property in the Philippines. 

In addition to being less expensive than ever before, pre-selling condos also boast great locations—the best spots in Metro Manila! You’ll never have trouble finding good tenants if your unit is located near shopping centers, restaurants, and offices. Even better: there are several new developments right now where all units are sold out months before completion!

You Get An Affordable Investment With Huge Returns

Colliers Philippines predicts that the number of condominiums available in Metro Manila will reach 158,000 by 2022, a 22% increase from 2019. This means that pre-selling condos can be a great way to secure your future as an OFW.

OFW Investments - Rental, Recreational, or Retirement Home
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

The prices of these condos are more affordable than ever, and their unique features make excellent investments, whether used as recreational homes or rental properties.

However, before you invest in an OFW investment property like a pre-selling condo, make sure that you do your due diligence and research into all the factors involved to get the best deal and avoid any potential problems down the road. 

You Pay At Your Convenience

The end buyer has multiple benefits from purchasing pre-sold condos. Firstly, being able to pay in installments over several months or years eases any liquidity constraints that may be present. 

Secondly, having a long period between payment and receipt of the condo unit itself allows time for value appreciation of assets which helps facilitate more home loans (if needed) as well as increases future.

Where to Find Pre-Selling Condos

Real estate developers like Empire East offer affordable yet high-quality condominiums that fit every kind of Filipino lifestyle. The company has been around for over three decades now, so it has no problem catering to whatever needs you may have. 

Whether you’re looking for a unit near your office or school, or one where you can relax with your family at the end of the day, Empire East has got everything covered for you!

With over 3,000 residential units under its belt, Empire East has cemented its place as one of the top real estate developers in Metro Manila today.

Mango Tree Residences - Luxury OFW Investments in San Juan City

If you’re looking to retire in a serene community with an exclusive address, our property at San Juan offers a sanctuary for everyone who enjoys peace and accessibility. It’s an attractive location for real estate investors since it’s located in one of the most sought-after communities in the Metro. Live in the tranquility of San Juan when you choose to invest in this property. 

Empire East Highland City - Luxury OFW Investments in Pasig-Cainta

Our luxurious uphill community awaits you and your family if you crave the space on Felix Avenue at Pasig-Cainta. It’s a 22-hectare development situated at the heart of the East, where you are never too far away from Metro Manila nor the nether regions of Rizal. Experience the best of both worlds when you invest in this community.

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