NEWS - 10 February 2020

Time to Think Practical this Valentines: 3 Money-saving Tips Prudent Couples Should Try

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Who can forget the bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolates, movie dates, and a romantic dinner? Youngsters tend to spend a dime on these things especially when they feel like it would make their loved one feel special.


Except if you’re smart and practical.


Don’t get it wrong, buying stuff ain’t bad but when it comes to a point where you have to choose between purchasing goods or a lifelong investment, then there should be a default answer.


Most of the newly-weds are more likely to spend their money on a lot of things: basically, a honeymoon or a getaway. But if you are part of that population, what are the odds that you’ll be interested in spending your money on something more valuable?


Investing in things that increase in value after some time is a great way to start. Have you heard of real property investments, stock market, insurance, savings accounts, and mutual funds? These are just some of the options where you can put your money into and expect an investment return in just a year! It even doubles!


Valentine’s is a perfect time to consider investing in something more worthy than other material assets.  Try these options out to see which one works best for you and your finances!


Explore the Stock Market

The reason why business-minded people tend to invest in stocks is because of its high potential returns. 

Young couples or newly-weds would highly benefit from this especially when responsibilities start to pile up in the long run. You don’t want to worry about your kids’ education, do you? 

In this generation where everything comes on and off in an instant, it would be best if you try to look for things that would be beneficial for your starting family, even after some time.


Practice Effective Saving Habits

Apparently, there are several ways on how you can keep track of your money, particularly when it comes to savings. It’s up for you to decide whether you’ll go for the 50-30-20 scheme (if you don’t know this yet, look it up! This can be a life-saver especially to those who are just starting their married life) or those on the other end of the line. You can also try to put your money in mutual funds or a savings account. 


Newly-weds plan on starting their own family for sure. The first step to a more stable future for your kids is to save and invest. Allot proper segments of your income to the things which should be prioritized, like your child’s education and of course, buying your own house.


Invest in a Real Estate Property

It's wise to spend your money on something that will be yours permanently. Nothing beats the idea of not shedding out tons of it for a temporary home but on something that you can own while renting it in a few years’ time.


One good thing about getting an investment is that it secures you of something that will last probably longer than most of the things that you own. Plus, this can also be a really practical and memorable gift to your loved one!


What’s New in the East

When you’ve already decided to venture into property investment, a strategic location should be one of your priorities when finding the perfect development to invest your money on.


Empire East Highland City, the newest development to rise along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta area, is strategically located at the convergence of Metro Manila and the East.


The recently announced plan to put up Cainta Junction Station at the proposed MRT-4 anticipated to start by 2025, and the LRT-2 Emerald Station which will operate later this year, are just some of the best transit options homeowners can enjoy to go in and out of the metro.


A Closer Look at the Luxurious Uphill Community

Empire East Highland City, the first elevated city in the country which is a 24-hectare mixed-use development soon to rise along Felix Avenue in Pasig-Cainta area, is the future of modern and sustainable city living in the East.


This luxurious uphill community has four phases that promise to give the homeowners a refreshing and sophisticated city living experience. Upon entry, residents will be welcomed by an 8,000-sq.m. open park with luscious greeneries and bike lanes for the family’s recreational activities. Highland Park will be accented by grand Spanish steps that lead to the Highland Mall.



Just across this plush lifestyle mall is the 500-seater church which is also conveniently walkable to the first four-tower phase of Highland Residences, the Arcadia. Highland Residences consist of 37 towers built on-stilts. Homeowners can also enjoy exclusive access to world-class amenities at The Chartered Club like the fitness gym, cafe lounges, swimming pool, a basketball and tennis court, and function rooms for a private and laid back highland lifestyle.

Each floor of every tower offers a low-density of units in various sizes to preserve exclusivity and privacy. Homeowners could choose from 22 square meters to 46.5 square meters of living spaces, ranging from studio to 2-bedroom units


Take the first step in living comfortably at this luxurious uphill community. This Valentine’s season, venture into something new and practical-- get your money’s worth by reserving a unit at the country’s first elevated city.


To know more about Empire East Highland City, visit facebook.com/empireeasthighlandcity and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube: @empireeast. Call 8810-3333 to inquire now!

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