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15 Tips On How To Be The Condo Neighbor Everyone Loves

Condo living has several benefits and one of the things that draw homebuyers is convenience. However, whether your neighborhood is low or high-density, you will have to deal with different types of neighbors since it’s a community, after all. Only a wall separates you from your neighbor, thus, the challenge to observe certain boundaries and etiquette is more pressing to maintain peace in the community and make everyone’s living experience positive and enjoyable. 

If you’re currently staying in a condominium or considering moving into one, here are 15 tips on how to gain the love and respect of your condo community:


  • Don’t smoke in any common area

If you’re a smoker, be respectful of residents who do not enjoy cigarettes at all. Every condominium has its own designated smoking area. You may inquire at the administration office where it’s located and what are the common areas listed as a non-smoking area. Second-hand smoking is even more dangerous than first-hand smoking so be wary of this, especially since you can’t be fully aware of the health condition of everyone you are living with.


  • Keep your noise level to a minimum

Keep the exhaust on every single time you cook. Explore ways how to tone down the smell i.e. add garlic, turn on the bathroom’s exhaust, allow the fan to rotate, close all the windows and doors, and spray a room deodorizer after cooking.



  • Throw your garbage responsibly

Make it a habit to dispose of your garbage regularly to avoid any foul odor inside your unit that may reach your next door neighbors. Avoid sweeping on the terrace or throwing pieces of trash no matter how small.



  • Check you aircon’s drain line

Airconditioning units commonly have water drippings as part of their condensation process. Check if yours is damaged or clogged as it can result in a leak that will drip right below your neighbor’s terrace or window. 


  • Only use the allotted parking slot

If your condominium only allows one parking slot for every owner, this means you can only park one car. You can park on the side streets and pay the corresponding parking fee per night if you own more than one vehicle. 



  • Keep your pet dog/cat on a leash while outside

Pets are normally cute and neighbors will find them adorable. However, you can never guarantee that your pet will behave properly all the time. Some condominiums also do not allow pet owners to use the elevators when carrying their pets. Be mindful of whatever rules are set in place for pets and see to it that yours is always attended to.



  • Wait for your turn when pressing the elevator

If you’re going down and the elevator is going up, wait until the elevator is heading down before pressing it. While this may seem like a simple, no-brainer thing to do, but you’ll be surprised how many condo residents are guilty of this. This will save you and the other passengers more time. 


  • Offer to help if someone is transferring packages

If a new neighbor is struggling to load boxes or packages one by one, you may offer to help. Not only will this save you both time, say, when using the stairs or elevator, but it will also show that you are a considerate and compassionate neighbor.


  • Give way to other elevator passengers

Even if the passenger load in the elevator hasn’t reached its limit yet and you see that it’s a little cramped already, you may ride on the next stop instead especially if you’re not in a hurry.


  • Air out the unit once in a while

This will refrain molds and mildew from developing inside the unit and prevent any unpleasant odor. You may also use air deodorizers especially if you plan on opening the door always and neighbors frequently pass by your unit.


  • Organize a community event for you and your neighbors

If you have been living in the neighborhood for a long time, try to engage new neighbors by setting an acquaintance party to welcome them in the community. This will help you get to develop a bond with your neighbors, which can lead to new friendships.




  • Participate in the meetings held by homeowners’ association

This will enable you to get to know your neighbors and communicate with them openly about any issue in the community i.e. rules, events, and community projects by the association, etc. 




  • Explain nicely and gently if a neighbor has a complaint about you or vice versa

Any offense may be committed intentionally or unintentionally. But it’s important to note that any misunderstanding can always be resolved through a peaceful discussion. 



  • Share food or gifts.

There is no better way to be the most lovable neighbor whole year round than to uphold to the adage, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” If you’re fond of cooking, why not share them your favorite dish or give them any “pasalubong” from your recent trip.




Ultimately, peace and harmony will be achieved better if the community itself nurtures and facilitates it—a quality that is ever-present in every Empire East community. With over 100 condominium towers in key cities of Metro Manila in its portfolio, Empire East has established itself an expert and a pioneer in terms of creating urban communities for an upgraded modern lifestyle.

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This article originally appeared on Lamudi. 


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