NEWS - 16 November 2020

#FeelAtHomeWithEmpireEast: How does your home make you feel?

As they say, home is a feeling. But how does your home make you feel? 

With our current situation, everyone is forced to stay indoors, and people are starting to get tired of their daily routines and monotonous environment. The feelings of restlessness and uneasiness continue to trouble the hearts of many. 


Accordingly, we look to the internet and our surroundings for ways to occupy ourselves to relieve these emotions. If you’re having trouble finding the right feeling while you’re staying indoors, here are some ways you can reinforce positive emotions and energies throughout your home!  








If you want to feel: Relaxed

Most of us find it hard to relax with the news we receive daily. We’re always kept on our toes and high-alert. To alleviate some of our worries, some say it’s best to focus on things that we can control, such as our hobbies and daily activities. While these acts may be small, crossing out a few things from your to-do list will prove to make you feel at ease! 






If you want to feel: Safe 

Your home should be a safe space. While we cannot control the situation outdoors, we can create a space in our homes to help us feel more comfortable with the current predicament. You can begin by surrounding yourself with your comfort items such as a warm blanket, your favorite food, and your loved ones. 











If you want to feel: Creative  

Your home is a place where you should be able to express yourself freely. For those experiencing a creative block right now, maybe you can take this time to welcome a few changes around your area. Move your furniture around, explore a new decor theme, and you can even get hands-on with some DIY! Most of the time, you can find inspiration from a new environment. 








If you want to feel: Empowered

Let’s face it: staying at home has made us feel lazy. With the temptation of our bedroom around the corner, it’s hard to stay productive. But time goes on, and our responsibilities are catching up fast. How do we stay motivated? With some music and a solid support system, of course! Get your daily confidence boost by busting out some upbeat tunes and some caffeine. Opening up to your friends and family can also inspire you to do more if you need it.




Considering everything, we must keep our mental health as we go by the current health crisis, even if we’re staying home. 


While these may help the upkeep of healthy emotions, nothing beats the advantages of living in a healthy home set in a well-equipped community. Empire East communities offer just that - an array of homes that will help you reach your full potential. Tight-knit communities, accessible transportation, well-mapped communities, and masterfully planned units make for an Empire East home. 



Take Empire East Highland City, for example. This upcoming elevated development set in Pasig-Cainta is set to have its very own complete community: a 37-tower residential area on-stilts, an 8,000-square-meter open park, a world-class mall, and an exclusive recreational sports club. 


If you’re interested in learning more about which Empire East community suits you, message us on inquiry@empire-east.com or call us at 8810-3333 to know more. 


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